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A new year, and a new resolution. To revive this sleeping website. In the last week of December 2011, my old website host informed me that they were no longer supporting my type of website. They kindly informed me that I needed to find a new host. The whole situation was unpleasant after all I had been a paying customer for almost ten years. Anyway, I complained and they relented and gave me more time to find a new host. However, I took it as a sign to try to get the website going again.

So far, I have done the following:

-Moved the website to a new host

-Got the forum license and created an archive forum for the old posts

-Added a couple of articles as posts in the forums.

-Hired a web developer to give the site a facelift, and install wordpress. One of the reasons why it was difficult for me to keep the site updated was because adding content was always cumbersome.

It has been a couple of months, and I have been doing mostly administrative stuff. I thought that I could just jump in and star typing away about business loans and commercial real estate loans, but a lot of stuff in the background needed to get taken care of. I got one of those google analytics accounts and it looks as if I am still getting hundreds of visitors a day looking for commercial loan information. Not bad considering that the place was abandoned for several years. Check out the stats from February from Google Analytics. That service is great, back when I started the website all we had was free counters.

Look at my February 2012 numbers:

Visitors for February 2012

What can I say,  Google still loves me. Not as much as before, but the love is still there.  You would think that after abandoning the website for several years traffic would have completely dried up by now.


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