The First Five Months of the Rebirth

Changes Since February 2012

Well it has been six months since I decided to revive the site and things are coming together.

The new look was implemented in April, and the website looks a lot more professional than before. It still does not look as good as one of the well known financial oriented web properties out there, but I think for being a niche blog it looks ok.

As you have already noticed, the site is running WordPress, which is the leading open source content management system for blogging. I hired a developer to do some minor changes to the templates and help me transfer the old content. There are some significant advantages to running WordPress:

a)      Updating is quick and easy. If I am writing an article/post, the time spent is only the time that it takes to write it. I do not have to worry about having to write any code or update the links on the front page so that people can find the new post. Of course, the only limitation that remains is that I need to get excited enough about a topic to actually write something, but when I do I can come up with a new post in a couple of hours. For example, the recent post I did about factoring costs took me less than 2 hours.

b)      The overall look improved. The old website was hand coded by me more than ten years ago, and trust me when I tell you that my skills are very amateurish when it comes to web development. In fact, they were bad back in 1998 and after many years of not coding they are now bad and rusty.

c)      I get to implement site wide changes very easily now.

d)      The old content was saved. Although this is something of a curse because looking back at it some of it from ten years ago is not very good quality. In my defense, my experience as a credit analyst was limited back then.

There was one bad outcome from the change. It seems to have prompted a significant drop in the visitors. The drop has been more noticeable in Non-US based readers, and has increased the US based readership to 75%+. As a result, my goal to double the number of visitors this year will need to be revised downward. July numbers are certainly a bit depressing.

Here are the July statistics:

Visitors to the website

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