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Posted by: Duane Dec 18 2003, 02:38 PM
How do I go about starting my own skatespark and how much money would I be able to start with.

Posted by: loanuniverse Dec 18 2003, 08:10 PM

I donít think I am going to be able to help you. When you ask:
How do I go about starting my own skatepark and how much money would I be able to start with.

I really donít have anywhere to begin with. Anyway, let me see what I can do for you in the way of feedback. The following are random thoughts:

1- Are you considering building the skatepark as a business or as a community project?

2- If you do get a loan, how will you repay the loan? What will be the source of repayment?

3- Your goal is not to get a loan, but to construct the park. The loan is just a tool to make the dream a reality.

4- Before even thinking about a loan, start by researching the process of building and operating one. I found this site that seems to provide some good information

5- Just by looking at some of the plans for skateparks, they look really cool, but the idea of having to pay liability insurance if you run one for profit might not make it a very good business idea.

6- If you are thinking of doing this for profit, the first step is making a business plan.

That is it from the top of my head.

Hope this helps.


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