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Posted by: paulmatenterprise Nov 15 2004, 12:04 PM
Dear sir,
We are importers and distibuters of general items, we need assitance or loans of USD 50,000 to enable us import MOTORBICYCLES from China which is in great demand in our local market and also profitable.
Please,is African quolified from your loans? rolleyes.gif
Thanks for your cooperation and assistance.


Posted by: loanuniverse Nov 16 2004, 12:17 AM

I doubt it very much that you will find a US based lender willing to do this very small loan to a borrower in Africa.

Your best bet, a local lender.

Posted by: Commercial Lender Nov 26 2004, 12:07 AM
There is so much Fraud associated with west african countries.

Illegal bank transfers; they will send you a legitimate check, you deposit it and they have you account number. Will then ask for something signed to be mailed. Fake your signature and transfer funds out of the country and shut the account down. You are talking about golddust fraud, currency fraud, the dispearence of entire oil tankers of the cost of africa, and not to mention recent mortgage frauds in MI, NY and MD commited by african citizens on visit visas. They have actual companies that specialize in fradulent documentation. Lloyds of London has stopped doing business in many western african countries. Brokers & Lenders beware!

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