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Residential investment loans

Posted by: Jalon7 Nov 8 2004, 08:34 PM
I have 12 rental units consisting of a six unit building and three duplexes. I have been managing my own properties since 1994. I am considering purchasing multiple single family units as rentals with section 8 clients in mind for tenants.
My real question is about the possibility of using down payment money from a HELOC on my personal residence to finance 10 to 20 properties within the next year. This seems unrealistic to me but it seems that I see or hear of people doing this very thing.
Is there a limit on loans regardless of viability or credit? What are the options for purchasing this many properties from multiple sources in a very short time?

Posted by: loanuniverse Nov 8 2004, 10:46 PM
I don’t get the plan, you borrow against your primary residence with a HELOC, then use the money as a down payment for a rental property… [color=blue] so far I am following [/b]… But then you use the same money again? To buy another property? I guess that at some point you failed to mention that the rental property would need to be refinanced and the equity recaptured….

This scenario assumes that you will find a lender willing to finance 100% at some point for every property.

Am I understanding you wrong?


Posted by: Jalon7 Nov 9 2004, 12:46 PM
I guess I included more information than is needed. Will traditional lenders loan money based on the property cash flow as a rental unit, or is every loan based on individual income without regard to the property being a rental. I work and have investment properties, I'm not in the property business.
I intend to buy 10-20 houses within a year or so and was wondering if loans are limited to my income or based on each property earning income. Is there a limit to the number of loans a bank will write on one person? This is not a contrived scheme or anything like that.

EXAMPLE: I get a heloc for $36,000

$6,000 down on $30K house - Rent It Out

$6,000 down on another $30K house - Rent It Out


In this instance shown I want to use my $36,000 to buy 6 homes worth $180,000. (Six mortgages)

I just need to know if it's possible to get that many loans assuming I meet a bank's lending requirements.

Posted by: loanuniverse Nov 9 2004, 02:09 PM
”…. I guess I included less more information than is needed…..”

Yes it is possible, the equity is used once and you maintain an acceptable loan to value. In fact, as the houses get rented the lender should become more comfortable with your ability to get the properties cash flowing. I wonder if cash flowing is a verb?

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