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Another Term for Hard Money?

Posted by: Hard-Money-Lenders Sep 25 2004, 02:17 PM
My company has been having a hard time advertising coherently to commercial loan customers who specifically need a "hard money loan" but don't know what they are or what to call them. Is there a comon term or piece of jargon that I'm not aware of?

Hard money simply refers to a real estate backed commercial loan, but it carries the specific implications of lower LTV, short-term & higher interest. Help appreciated!

Posted by: loanuniverse Sep 25 2004, 06:28 PM
Well Hard Money, if you are using the internet and specifically your website to bring in the leads you are facing a tough battle as you probably already know {very competitive}. I noticed that your company is going strongly for the “hard money” keyword in PPC advertising, but you are not found on other more general terms. I can only imagine the kind of budget that you must have to be the number one ad in Google.

In my opinion, Most people looking for commercial loans are looking for commercial real estate loans. In fact, a lot of them are prospective investors with no experience. I have observed that there is a lot of demand out there for real estate financing information from prospective investors. In fact, most of my visitors are coming for that kind of feedback and only a minority comes looking for information about “working capital, asset based lending or other types of business financing”. This prospective borrower does not know the term “hard money” at the beginning, but eventually after reading some of the information out there he will.

Personally, I would not mind more business owners asking questions about cash flow and asset turnover. After all, I spend half of my job dealing with the corporate side, but when it comes to the internet I think that it is more like 80% looking to become the latest real estate millionaire.

You might want to increase your advertising to include general terms like:

- Commercial loan
- Rental property loan
- Commercial property loan

By the way, nice work with the anchortext in your signature. I still think you are putting to much emphasis on one key term to the detriment of other more general terms, which might still give you very good quality leads.


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