How I updated my website with very little skill

It has been a week since the new website look went live. I think is a big improvement over the table based look that I had for the last several years.

It was not easy to part ways with the old look especially since I created it myself 10 years ago using notepad, and I was attached to it. However, it was clear that the site was only good looking to me. The new look is much cleaner, and with the installation of WordPress updating it should be a breeze.

Since I still lack a lot of the technical knowledge to do the changes myself, I decided to hire someone to do the work. After doing some research, I found out that there were sites where I could find people to bid on the work. I chose Elance, and was pretty happy with the result. If you decide to do something like that, you can use the following link to look for your own freelancer. Full disclosure: If you do use the link, I will get a referral fee and have lunch on your honor.

Post. Hire. Done.

If you do decide to use Elance or a similar marketplace, give as much information in your job description as possible. The more the better, and you want to give your freelancer specific feedback as the job moves along. To give you an idea, this is the way I described my job and I communicated about 15 times with my contractor through the process.

This assignment has three different components. Please make sure that you read all of it and understand the scope. None of the components is very complicated, but you need slightly different skill sets for each one.

1) A new wordpress theme/template and installation. The look of the website must be crisp and business like. I am not interested in those templates that have a big picture of a generic guy in a suit. Looking for a nice logo in the corner and search engine friendly navigation code. I am open to some graphics in the header. The website makes money with advertising, which means making the advertising flow well into the theme is a plus. The new wordpress installation will be used by me to add new content. I would like to have at least 4 draft options of the new look before making my decision on which way to go. I am not married with the current logo and look. I personally like the look of the site as it is because I wrote it myself, I understand that it can improve greatly. I would also like to integrate those social media “like buttons”

2) The site has a couple of hundred pages of content. I want to keep them in place. The old content was built with tables, and a lot of the content is pulled into each page with php includes. I will need the three text files that are brought into each page changed so that the look of these old internal “legacy” pages remains consistent with the wordpress site. Please see attached files so that you get a better idea. Each page pulls a layout.css file so you might have to play around with it so that the legacy pages look like the new content.

3) The site has a forum. Licensed Invision IPboard. I need a skin for it that matches the new look of the website. I would also like to export the title of the new posts to the front page of the website. I think the board software allows you to do that. I will need the skin installed.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. And provide me a detailed proposal. I would like payment to be structured so that about half of the total payment is made when the product has been delivered.

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