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Funding Short Sales and REO’s Nationwide

Use our investor’s funds to buy homes from banks or short sales then flip them to end buyers. We have the lowest funding fees in the country. Continue reading

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Now offering business merchant accounts

All Lending Source is proud to introduce our affiliate partner specializing in Business Needs. All Merchant Source Do You Want to INCREASE your business profits? Whether your business is small, large, mobile, or internet based, All Merchant Source is t… Continue reading

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Up to 25K in Unsecured Business Financing

Express Funding Program- Up to 25K in Unsecured Business Financing in as little as 5 days!!Minimum Criteria: 600+ FICO Score In Business for 12 Months + up to 25K Under 1 year in Business up to 15K 25K Repayment is 362.00 Monthly No PPP 15K Repayment i… Continue reading

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Commercial and Asset Based Financing Available

At All Lending Source, we offer various commercial financing options. Whether you have a project that is a domestic or overseas development, commercial real estate purchase/refinance, or finance is needed for the entertainment/media/sports industry.

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100% Collateral Funding Program

Introducing the 100% Collateral Program

Collateral lending is ideal for businesses that cannot provide sufficient collateral to secure a
standard commercial loan. This collateral program makes it possible to successfully receive
100% capital funding, without any collateral from the client. The principals stay in control of their project without any outside partnerships or sharing of net revenues.

Program Highlights
• Loan Sizes: $10 Million to $2 Billion – for projects requesting funding above $2 Billion,
program will fund project at a max $2 Billion dollar per stage.
• No collateral from client – collateral is provided from third parties
• Payments are made over a 10 year period based on the loan amount
• Interest is Libor plus 0 – 3% (average rate of interest is 6.5%)
• All types of projects are eligible
• Capital for new companies or expansion
• Project financing for projects located throughout the world
• Non-Recourse loan
• No penalties for early pre-payment at any stage
• Principal is Self – Liquidating (see Program Funding Summary)
• Bank issues a loan to Client
• Closing time is 3 to 10 months

The collateral program is for projects that require a long start-up period before launching.
This program offers a deferment period ranging from 1-3 years. During the period of deferment, the Borrower/Company does not have to pay any interest or minimum payments. This is true even if your project is capable of repaying the loan (of any amount) in full within 3-4 years after launching. The standard length of loan is for 10 years.

If you can find the benefit in this program and are interested in knowing more, please see the attached file and call me directly to discuss your questions/concerns. You will not be disappointed!

Danielle Edwards
All Lending Source, President
Office- 720.323.5355
Fax- 888.792.5492
Website- alllendingsource Continue reading

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