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Thank you for your interest in advertising on LoanUniverse. Today, I implemented Doubleclick for Publishers on the site. This is Adserver software that allows small publishers like myself to make direct sales, and incorporate them into the inventory. So I figured, I might as well try it.

Why Loanuniverse?

The only reason to advertise in this site is to reach a highly targeted audience. The site is visited by people interested in commercial lending and business finance. The main topics of the site are working capital financing (lines of credit, factoring), commercial real estate finance, and trade finance.

How many visitors do you get?

The site’s audience is small approximately 11,000 unique visitors a month. Here is a graphic from the last six months (Feb-July 2012) from my analytics account.

Where will my ads be shown, and how much do you charge?

Only 4 ads per content page are shown. I am selling the ads per month at the following rates:

- Above the fold 728X90 for $325

- Above the fold right side 300X250 for $350

- Mid -Page right side 300X250 for $250

- Bottom right side 300X250 for $200


In addition to the above, there are some ads in the forums, but traffic there is only about a thousand visitors a month. So for now I am not going to sell ads there and let Google fill them. If they get busy again, I might consider them.

There is a reason for the above prices, and the reason is my historical CTR for each of those spots. Lower rates than those are not really worth my effort. If you are not interested in getting the exclusive sponsorship of the ad locations, you can always use Google Adwords to place ads in my website. I guess that if your bid is high enough you will beat the other people in the rotation.

What are your creative standards and guidelines?

I welcome more than one creative per advertiser, as it should help you with the CTR. I reserve the right to decline any ad that is too intrusive for my visitors. I will also refuse any website at my sole discretion. If you want to serve them from your own servers that is fine, but I still reserve the right to approve the creative and the target website.

Edit 10/17/12: I had a nice contact form installed in this page and got a couple of placements. But today I checked my email and there were 400 spam messages. So I had to disable the form. My name is loanuniverse, and if you send an email to this username at this domain I should be able to get it.




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