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Brokerpro or Cloans

Posted by: Chris Sep 2 2004, 03:44 AM
Is anyone familiar with Brokerpro software($1995.) or the commercial kit from C-loans($499.)? Big difference in price and product, but which is more valuable?

Posted by: loanuniverse Sep 2 2004, 02:32 PM

Just visited that BrokerPro site and spent a few minutes going over it. The application does sound like a legitimate application and it does seem that quite a few lenders take the leads available. I would think that getting connected to those lenders would be worth some money by itself.

I also noticed that you can download a free version of the program. Have you done so? I would do that just to see how the interface looks and what it actually does. They say that some of the options are disabled in the demo version, but if you are interested you should do that first.

While I have some curiosity as to find out what kind of work the software does, I just donít have the time to review it. There is a chance that one of the non-bank lenders here knows about it not so sure if they want to help a new competitor smile.gif

Good luck
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